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Trenching at base of building Masking windows, shrubs, concrete, etc. as necessary Hydro blast or Sandblast to remove loose and peeling paint Patch and repair to industry standards Apply adhesive, sealers, and/or water proofers to industry standards Apply high quality stucco finish coat.

Signs that your House has Water Damage

Sometimes water damage is caused by an incident - a water pipe breaks, bad weather causes exposure or ice dams leave you with roof damage. Other times water damage develops over time - and that can be more difficult to diagnose. Here are some typical signs that you have or soon will have troubles:
Leaky windows: often a sign of incorrect window installation wrong & old sealant damage wall-hole, crack wrong & old kickout flashing .

 Rotting wood on roof: can be caused by poor water drainage away from the roof when kick out flashing allows water behind the stucco, rotting out the wood beneath apparent water seepage on the exterior of the house: can be caused by stucco that is below grade, which allows water to wick up a wall from the ground up.

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