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We do repair; -Remove & install new sealant, remove old & install new manufacture kickout flashing,damage crack, damage birds hole, water damage, refinishing & install new color on damage areas, painting stucco, power wash, install new chimney cap, remove & install new window-door,repair old stucco technology, change Dryvit stucco for Hard stucco and more...

Stucco is one of the most beautiful home exterior materials in the world. But unfortunately stucco is also subject to damage and requires more attention than brick, siding..
While stucco is a popular choice among homebuilders in Albuquerque and all of New Mexico, Europe not unusual for cracks to appear at some point in your home lifecycle. Damage can range from hairline cracks to unsightly cracks, blemishes, and holes. In some cases, the damage is due to external conditions; in others, an accident or construction project requires stucco repairs.
M&M Stucco can, in many cases, restore your home's exterior beauty. Our restoration process begins with power washing the exterior walls, repairing the stucco and finally repairing the home's exterior trim. Often, this is all that's needed to restore your home's exterior to make it look as good as when it was first done.

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